A mortgage for expats

Banks issue loans on the basis of three principal indicators

  • A personal assessment
  • Mortgaged property assessment
  • Assessment of your financial position

The interest rate operated by the bank depends on:

The ratio between the value under foreclosure and the amount of the mortgage loan. The maximum amount is related to the value under foreclosure of the home. The interest margin required by the bank to cover the risk increases in keeping with the percentage of that ratio.
The period for which the interest rate is fixed. The interest margin charged by the bank increases in keeping with the length of the fixed interest period.
Does the National Mortgage Guarantee apply yes/no.
The role of the civil-law notary:

It is not possible to transfer the ownership of a house in the Netherlands without engaging a civil-law notary. The civil-law notary is impartial.
More information is given at under a Dutch notary

What Trifium does for you:

We have made agreements with civil-law notary firms in a number of regions concerning the service to our customers, communication in English and the fees charged by the civil-law notary.

  • We made agreements with interpreters who are familiar with the methods used by the civil-law notary for the conveyance of real estate
  • We check the statement of completion from the notary on behalf of our clients.
  • We will be present during the conveyance procedure and, if necessary, when the (provisional) contract of sale is signed.

In the Netherlands, paid interest regarding the mortgage of your main residence is tax-deductible for a maximum of 30 years. A frequently used way of repaying the mortgage is to save money separate to be able to (partially) repay the mortgage at the end of the contract. This gives you a maximum tax advantage for the duration of the contract. Making monthly deposits in a (pledged) savings account or investment portfolio are ways to accomplish this.

Provisional reimbursement Mortgage interest is usually paid monthly. For that reason most clients prefer to receive their tax benefit monthly. Trifium organises the provisional rebate for its clients free of charge for the first year. This way, the balance between your monthly mortgage expenses and the tax rebate becomes your net monthly payment.

For more information on taxation in the Netherlands, see

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